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Mega Man Invades the Nintendo Badge Arcade

In the Nintendo Badge Arcade for 3DS, you grab badges via a crane game and decorate your 3DS menu with them. There are a few free plays to be had, but the game really wants you to buy “plays” in order to get the badges. I’ve never bought a “play”. The free plays have gotten me a lot of badges! This week, there are some new badges that’ll definitly tempt some people into paying for plays. Mega Man badges are now available!


I like the Nintendo Badge Arcade, but the badges available are not always good. This week, though, the badges are really awesome. We haven’t seen badges this good since the Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam badges. What new badges am I talking about? I’m talking about Mega Man badges!

While I’m not a huge Mega Man fan, I do like the character and some of the games. I think these new Mega Man badges look fantastic. The badges are taking characters from the Mega Man Legacy Collection for 3DS, which has Mega Man 1-6. You’ll find all of the classic Mega Man bad guys, Proto Man, Mega Man(s), and even badges that look like the old Mega Man level select screens. If you love Mega Man, you’ll want to run on over to the badge arcade. There’s no telling how long these badges will be in the arcade!

I have no plans to spend money to get these badges, but I’m sure there will be people who do. Are you one of those people? Let us know if you plan to buy some Mega Man badges. Bonus question: What is your favorite Mega Man game and why?


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