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PowerA Joy-Con Grip

Last week, PowerA was nice enough to send over a box full of great Nintendo Switch accessories, and this week we will be reviewing each and every one of them! Yesterday, we showed the incredible value of the PowerA Joy-Con Charging Dock which charges up to 4 Joy-Con controllers at one time. Today, we are looking at a less necessary accessory, although one that you might want to pick up anyways.


Nintendo Switch Pro Controllers are fairly expensive, so many Nintendo Switch owners are content to just use the Joy-Con controllers with the included Nintendo branded Joy-Con grip. That’s fine, and it is doable, but for anyone who has used Nintendo’s grip will understand that it is not the most comfortable of devices. The bigger your hands, the worse it becomes. The PowerA grip does a bit to alleviate this.

The majority of the PowerA grip is made with hard plastic, but the handles that you grip on the left and the right are made of a rubber-silicon type product that is incredibly comfortable to hold, and provides the necessary grip so that, if you have sweaty hands like myself, you aren’t at risk of dropping the expensive controllers.


The design and quality feels much the same to the Nintendo branded grip, but the rubber-silicon backing is a big improvement over what Nintendo has bundled with the Switch itself. I wouldn’t say this is enough to abandon the Nintendo grip for this one, but if you are looking to get a second grip, this is the one to get.

The real reason why the PowerA grip is superior to the Nintendo grip is that it’s a bit wider, making it much more comfortable for using in long game play sessions. Not only are the two Joy-Con controllers slightly farther apart, but the grips themselves are also a bit wider and fit much nicer within your hands. Is it as good as a Pro Controller? No, not really, but for a mere 14.99, it’s a much cheaper option for those looking to save their money for games.


Everything that you might like about the Nintendo grip is the same in the PowerA grip, with a few noticeable upgrades that we mentioned before. The Joy-Con controllers slide in just as easily, and yes, you will get that satisfying ‘click.’ Even Nintendo thinks this is a great product, as it is an officially licensed grip! Although the mega company might prefer you buy their own grip, they obviously don’t mind if you grab this one from PowerA.

We recommend it, even as an upgrade over the grip that came with your Nintendo Switch!

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