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PAC-MAN 99 Launches as a Nintendo Switch Online Exclusive Tomorrow (4/7)

Mario is dead. Okay, not really but Mario 35 is gone. So what’s next for Nintendo Switch Online members? Well…how about Pac-man 99?!

Pac-man 99 will be coming to the Nintendo Switch tomorrow at 6 PM PST according to Nintendo of America’s twitter. It will be a Nintendo Switch Online exclusive game like Mario 35 and Tetris 99.

It will also have paid off-line DLC much like Tetris 99. The DLC will be available at launch.

So what do I think of Pac-man 99?

First of all: I never saw this coming! Who did? No you didn’t, shut up.

Seriously. Wow. Also, I love Pac-man. The orignal Pac-man is still a classic game. Pac-man 99 looks like so much fun. If I like it as much as I think I will, I’m pretty sure I’ll get the DLC eventually.

I’m very excited to try this game out tomorrow. Are you looking forward to Pac-man 99?


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