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New Kickstarter Santorini Projects Announced

If you’re a fan of Greek mythology and strategy games, then you’re in for a treat! Santorini, the popular board game that has sold over 100,000 copies, has been reimagined into two unique masterpieces – Santorini Deluxe Pantheon Edition and Santorini Riddle of the Sphinx – now available on Kickstarter.

Created by Roxley Games, the new Santorini Pantheon Deluxe Edition adds a sense of splendor associated with the Greek island it’s named after by adding a plethora of new gods and goddesses, revamped rules, and stunning new components that include a 3D island frame, remastered buildings, and modular storage trays. Santorini Riddle of the Sphinx is a cooperative game packaged in an Adventure Book. This book of riddles includes 16 unique Greek maps, illustrated by Damien Mammoliti, and is an endlessly replayable game with new gameplay features such as resource management, tower defense, and even boss battles.


The Kickstarter campaign has some exclusive offers for backers, including the Santorini Pantheon Deluxe Edition, Santorini Riddle of the Sphinx, and Santorini Pantheon Upgrade Kit. The Pantheon Deluxe Edition is the definitive edition of the worldwide classic Santorini, featuring top, revamped gods and powers and four god card packs. The Riddle of the Sphinx expansion is a 1-4 player co-op game that comes in a fun storybook that makes setup and takedown a breeze. And for those who already own Santorini, the upgrade kit will include the 3D island frame, modular caddies, revamped gods and powers, and four god card packs.

The original Santorini was released in 2004 by Gordon Hamilton as a two-player strategy game. The game has been enhanced and revised multiple times over the years, with the addition of Greek gods and heroes in 2016. This variant gives each player a chance to “break the rules” and fundamentally change how the game is played. This version of Santorini was released in retail stores a year later, following the most successful Kickstarter campaign to come out of Alberta, Canada.

The Kickstarter campaign for Santorini Pantheon Deluxe Edition, Santorini Riddle of the Sphinx, and Santorini Pantheon Upgrade Kit runs through April 28. So if you’re a fan of Greek mythology and strategy games, head over to Kickstarter and back this amazing project. You won’t regret it! You can find the campaign here: Santorini Co-op & Deluxe Pantheon Edition by Gavan Brown of Roxley Games — Kickstarter


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