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New Indie World Showcase Tomorrow (4/14)

Nintendo of America has announced that there will be a brand new Indie World Showcase tomorrow!


A brand new Indie World Showcase will be air tomorrow (4/14) at 11:ooam central. According to Nintendo of America, it will be “roughly 20 minutes focused on fresh and new indie games coming to #NintendoSwitch.”

What could we see? Its anybody’s guess really. The Indie showcases usually show off several games. They are not as packed as Nintendo Directs but we should get at least two or more new Indie reveals and possibly some updates on previously announced ones. Though we have some seen some Indie World showcases that were squarely focused on just new stuff. There will probably be two or three games released tomorrow after this video too. Like I said though: its anbody’s guess!

Hopefully tomorrow’s Indie World video will be really good. Its being live streamed here.

Also on YouTube and likely Twitch!

Are you looking forward to tomorrow’s Indie World showcase?


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