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Mandalorians are Stronger Together – Certified Guild Squad Pack Review

It’s been a little while since we put out a review for Star Wars Shatterpoint but we are back with a fully painted squad of Mandalorians to talk about. Ever since I finished watching The Mandalorian on Dinsey+ I’ve been eagerly anticipating a Shatterpoint Squad Pack with Din Djarin and Groku, and it is here! Is it worth picking up, however, or is it simply preying on the desire for fans to get their hands on more Mando stuff! Let’s take a look!Certified Guild Squad Pack - atomicmassgames

Din and Grogu come as a Primary Unit together with 8 Squad Points and 3 Force Points. The sculpt, like all Shatterpoint sculpts in my opinion, is absolutely phenomenal. There are few instances where I would say to buy a pack just for the displayability of a figure, but this would be one of them. The look of Mando and Grogu is fantastic, and really takes inspiration from the show.

Mando is going to pair up nicely with scoundrels, bounty hunters, and obviously other Mandalorians, and with so many of these already available in Shatterpoint, I find this is one of those characters that can easily be paired with other characters outside it’s squad pack! This doesn’t happen too often in Shatterpoint, at least in my opinion, so this is a great step forward in my opinion.

Mando can be a bit of a tank with dice, especially when you use the Fearless and Inventive ability. This will allow you to throw extra dice if there are enemies engaged and not wounded. Not too shabby, especially if you are contesting objectives.

Having Greef Karga as the secondary makes a lot of sense, and it’s great to see this character getting it’s time in the sun. It will cost 3 Squad Points to bring Greef Karga with you on your mission. Like Mando, Greef is going to pair really well with Bounty Hunters for obvious reasons. Making your second Squad on the table a Bounty Hunter squad probably isn’t a terrible idea, as both Greef and Mando are going to derive a lot of benefits from being in close contact with them.

Greef’s There is One Job ability is super unique to this set, and I love it so much. It allows players to force opponents to go through their deck and put a priority token on a character – when that character is wounded by a bounty hunter, the initiative cube moves one step closer to the bounty hunters team. Many have asked for Shatterpoint to have more of a fight-first option, and I think Greef provides that here.Ministravaganza 2023 Shatterpoint Round-Up - The Fifth Trooper

The final unit in this squad is the IG-11 Assassin Droid, who is not only outstanding in the show, but fun to use in Shatterpoint as well. Since he is classified as a Bounty Hunter and as a Droid, he has other uses outside of this Squad Pack, especially if you partner him with some of the early Shatterpoint droid Secondary Units. This makes him versatile for a variety of different squads, which I think is a huge plus for consumers at this point in the games life cycle. As a 5 Squad Point cost, however, he’s pretty expensive and might be hard to work into other squads properly.

Overall, this Squad Pack is a huge hit for me – as I said before, it’s the first time I would recommend the sculptures simply for how they look on the shelf. Thankfully, however, these also work really well in Shatterpoint, so there is a lot of use for this set moving forward. I love how it integrates with some of the early packs we received, especially all the Mandalorians already released. It just makes this a very useful set for consumers.


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