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LEGO Super Mario Available August 1st

I’ll be the first to admit that what Nintendo and LEGO revealed earlier this year was not quite what I was expecting when I heard that the two entertainment giants were going to partner together on a line of sets. While the appeal isn’t likely there for adults – unless they are looking to purchase for display purposes – the market for kids is huge, and based on the reactions of my 10 and 6 year olds, it’s going to be a big hit in the Roffel household.


Interactive play is always a hallmark of the LEGO Company, but the Super Mario crossover is taking this to a whole new level. Out of the box, kids can put together their own Super Mario level, and then use Mario to ‘complete’ that level, earning coins and more along the way. The Mario figure is not your standard LEGO figure. Instead, he is a much larger, fully interactive, LEGO piece that has sound effects and small screens for eyes, etc. To put it bluntly, Mario is ‘alive.’


The LEGO Super Mario bundle will be available August 1st for 59.99 USD and 69.99 CAD. Those that pre-order the product now will receive an additional set as a bonus, called “Monty Mole & Super Mushroom Expansion” which is a 19.99 value in Canada.

In a video released today – seen below via a Tweet from Nintendo of Canada – two brand new sets were shown off for hte first time, including an outstanding looking Bowser’s Castle.

We will have a lot more on LEGO and Nintendo’s joint venture, and you can be sure we will have a review of the product on or around August 1st, 2020! Are you going to pick this up, even if it wasn’t what you initially thought it would be? Are you still hoping for mainstream Nintendo and LEGO collaborations down the road? Let us know!


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