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Disney Dreamlight Valley – Announcement Trailer

Life simulation games are not a new thing for Disney. On the 3DS, Disney Magical World 1 and 2 came out. The second one even came to the 3DS. But now Disney is trying something a little different. An upcoming free-to-play game called Disney Dreamlight Valley is a life simulation game that looks like the Sims meets Disney! Check out the announcement trailer and some thoughts below.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is the newest life simulation game from Disney. The game will be in early access this summer for players who purchase the Founder’s Pack or for those who have Game Pass. Disney Dreamlight Valley will be available for Nintendo Switch, Xbox, Playstation, PC, and more. It will be fully launched in 2023.

The game will include a lot of characters from across the Disney and Pixar, including Goofy, Moana, Buzz Lightyear and many more. Like most simulation games, you’ll play as a human character who gets their own place that they can decorate, and you’ll be able to fish, cook, and more.

Disney Dreamlight Valley looks like it’ll be a bit of the Sims, a bit of Kingdom Hearts, with a touch of Animal Crossing. It looks really fun. Of course, I love simulation games, so I’d think that! What do you think? Will you check out Disney Dreamlight Valley?


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