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Cozy Grove is Limiting Fun…In a Good Way

It seems that anytime a video game launches in 2021, we are all eager to blow through it as fast as possible. Hell, folks are taking days of work to play their favourite video games for hours on end, to drink up every moment of the story, find every collectible, and more. Unless you plan on fast traveling, Cozy Grove has taken on the Animal Crossing  philosophy that 30 minutes to an hour of gameplay is all that is really necessary per day, keeping you invested in the game for longer periods of time without burning you out within the first week. I’ve been playing daily since before launch, and although I’ve time jumped to bring you this opinion piece, I’d highly suggest not doing so.


The fun in Cozy Grove lies with the writing, the collecting, and the small puzzle solving. It’s all three, working together, that creates a unique, exceptional experience that is not only calming and relaxing, but enjoyable. You are stuck on the island of Cozy Grove with no real way to get off except helping the various spirits around the island. You’ll be given tasks each day by random spirits on the island, some of which drive the story forward, while others are timed tasks that have no real impact on how quickly you get off the island. No matter what the task, however, the writing is fantastic.


It’s funny. It’s quirky. It will make you laugh out loud. It gets rough sometimes! And that’s the charm. While solving what are essentially Hidden Object type puzzles, waddling around the beautifully crafted world, crafting items, and building up your camp site is all good and fun, it really dialogue that shines. And that’s what keeps me coming back for stream after stream! We are 7 streams deep at this point, and people have been enjoying it, with many picking it up after seeing the content. Describing Cozy Grove doesn’t do it justice. You need to see it! Here is Episode 1 of my Let’s Play – and there are many more to enjoy after that!


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