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Ark: Survival Of The Fittest Rides Exclusively Onto Playstation®4 This Summer


If you have had the pleasure of playing ARK: Survival Evolved, then you understand how much fun the PvP and PvE dinosaur taming title can be. Whether you are playing to take down other tribes, or just trying to survive against the elements, there is so much to love. Despite ARK originally launching first on Xbox One, a whole new experience will be coming to the PS4, and it sounds as if it will be exclusive.

From Studio Wildcard,

Studio Wildcard, the developer team that brought gamers the definitive online dinosaur survival experience ARK: Survival Evolved, is proud to announce its eSports spin-off ARK: Survival of the Fittest (ARK: SotF) will come to PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system on July 19, 2016. ARK: Survival of the Fittest is a multiplayer online survival arena (M.O.S.A.) game that pits as many as 72 combatants against one another in spontaneous Hunger Games-style competitions within a closed battlefield, where a continually shrinking “ring of death” will push survivors into an epic final showdown with only one “Tribe” making it out alive.

The idea sounds really appealing, and it will be interesting to see some of the logistics get worked out. Most importantly on my mind is how long a single match could potentially take! Although we don’t have a ton of details on this, we won’t have to wait too long. The Developers are already showing the game off on their various channels. You can check out the trailer below. Until then, keep it here with us at GamesReviews. Hopefully we can secure a copy and will post our impressions as soon as we can!



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