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Animal Crossing New Horizons: Bunny Day First Impressions

Today I woke up and as I have since the game came out, I went to play Animal Crossing New Horizons as soon as possible. Of course, today was different. Right away, Isabelle told me it was Bunny Day. I went out into my town, Outset, and looked for that big ol’ bunny Zipper T. I found him quickly. What follows is my first impressions of Bunny Day on Animal Crossing New Horizons.

Note: Bunny Day is activated by an update to New Horizons. Don’t forget to update your game before going into it.

The first holiday for Animal Crossing New Horizons is here! Bunny Day has been around in the Animal Crossing franchise since Animal Crossing City Folk. Its gone through some changes each time its been brought back. New Horizons changes it in a big way!

In New Horizons, players do not get furniture from Zipper T. At least not yet. I think we might get something from him on April 12th, but thats just guessing on my part based on things the bunny has said. For right now, you have to find a lot of eggs and recipes. Then you make stuff with the eggs!

There seems be a lot of bunny themed recipes to find. Don’t worry. The eggs can be found in the sea/river, in rocks, trees, and even the sky. Recipes can be found from balloons, message in a bottle, and I even had an animal give me one.

Bunny Day so far is a lot of fun. I love finding the eggs and recipes. There is just a ton more to do in Bunny Day than there ever has been. And thats saying a lot! Bunny Day was a pretty busy holiday in previous games.

It should be noted that Bunny Day does not stop you from having other visitors. I had Gulliver today and my dad had C.J. This is another major change from previous games where holidays always stopped other things from happening. I am so glad Nintendo changed that!

Also, you should keep an eye out for Cherry Blossom leaves too. This has nothing to do with Bunny Day but you can create some cool Cherry Blossom items if you have the leaves and find some recipes. Its well worth taking the time between egg hunting to also hunt for Cherry Blossom stuff. Cherry Blossoms are floating around and can be caught with a net. Recipes can be found from normal balloons and probably message in bottles too. So neat.

Bunny Day lasts from April 1st to April 12th. So don’t worry if you miss today. Although why would you want to? New Horizons is waiting for you. Today is going to be a really fun day.

If you need any help with Bunny Day, please check out the video guide at the beginning of this article!

Have you checked out the Bunny Day event? What do you think of it?


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