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A Daily Cozy Experiance: A First Look At Cozy Grove for Nintendo Switch

I play Animal Crossing New Horizons every day. I might not always play online with my friends, but I always at least check on my town to see whats new. And now I have another game that I want to play every day! Its called Cozy Grove. Let me tell you about it.


Cozy Grove isn’t Animal Crossing New Horizons. Yes, there are some similarities, such as a real time clock and it also has fishing, digging, and takes place on an island with weird neighbors. However Cozy Grove has a different focus than Animal Crossing…

In Cozy Grove, you play as a Spirit Scout who’s come to a haunted island in order to help wayward ghosts with unfinished business. The game is very story/character focused but in a unique way I’ve never seen before.

Each day in Cozy Grove will find you unlocking new things: characters, items, and/or a new thing to experience. That said, you’ll only be playing Cozy Grove for about a half-hour or less each day.

In the grand scheme of things, there is not a lot to do each day. Once you’ve helped whoever you’re supposed to help on a given day, the game will let you fish, dig for money and items, craft or buy things from the local store but your forward story progress is stalled till the next day.

It is a little frustrating how you have to wait. There will be some people who wish that the developers had gone with the Harvest Moon, go to sleep and its a new day, clock for this game. I think, however, by having a real time Animal Crossing clock, it’ll extend the game for several months. Also since you are doing a lot of fetch quests in general, at least so far, doing a lot of them at once may have been too much.

The game is supposed to have 40 plus hours of content, so playing a little each day turns the game into something different from what we’ve seen in many simulation games. Will Cozy Grove be worth playing after you finish that content? Does the developer plan to add more content eventually? I have no idea about either but I’ll let you know when I can.

I like what I’ve seen so far. The neighbors are fun to interact with, the fishing is good, and the new things you unlock are always interesting. I can’t wait to see what happens next!

Tomorrow my Review-in-progress for Cozy Grove starts.

For the first part, I’ll talk about the game’s graphics and charm. Cozy Grove won’t get a simple review. The game lasts for months so its likely that my full review score won’t be available for awhile. I may provide a tentative score soon but until I finish the game, I won’t fully know if the day-to-day progress is worth your time.

From what I’ve played as of now, I would say that simulation and adventure game fans should keep an eye on Cozy Grove! I will continue to update fans of the genre about the game here at and on twitter @df2506!

A review code was provided by The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild. Cozy Grove will release on April 8th for the Nintendo Switch eshop!


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