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Yes the Cloud Is Out to Get You in Rain on Your Parade

Remember when it was just Geese that wanted to ruin our day? Well, now you know that the weather is really out to ruin your day too. It is totally personal. What am I talking about? I’m talking about Rain On Your Parade, the game where you control a cloud that just wants to rain on everything and cause chaos! Here’s a trailer and some thoughts on this upcoming game for the the Nintendo Switch.

Rain On Your Parade will be coming to the Nintendo Switch on April 15th.

What can I say about this game? Well first of all…I KNEW IT. I just knew that the weather was doing this all on purpose. Everything make sense now!

Alright. Lets get down to it…

Rain On Your Parade looks like so much fun. Now we can be in control of the weather: raining on people, throwing lightning, snow, and more at everything. Little people running for their lives. Insert evil laugh here. I’m already feeling mad with power! This will feel so good after all the times that the weather has ruined my plans…

This game’s sense of humor and fun looks off the charts. I like how you can really personalize your cloud too: give it different kinds of hats (?!) and even draw a face on it. Whew. So crazy.

Will you be joining the chaos on April 15th?


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