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Swap Fire on Wii U is free until April 8th

 Swap Fire will be free on Wii U until April 8th. You can check out our review of the game here! Will you download Swap Fire for free?


Swap Fire is now free via the Wii U eshop. If you have a bunch of friends, this game is well worth picking up for free!

Here’s what the developer said to us via e-mail:

“Starting tomorrow Swap Fire will be free for 30 days (last day is April 8). We’re calling it:

“If you can’t Switch ’em, Swap ’em!”
We know there are many reasons why people can’t get a Switch. For example, our excuse is that we’re broke! As a consolation prize we’re offering up our game for free, which will hopefully ease the pain a little and help us find more players who might like Swap Fire.”
Have you played Swap Fire? If you not, will you be downloading it for free?

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