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Starfield: Official Launch Date Announcement (Video)

Starfield is still coming out this year, but it will be coming out a little bit later. We have the news, along with the official launch date announcement trailer!

Starfield finally has a release date! Its coming out on September 6th, 2023. Thats a bit later than originally suggested though. The game was supposed to launch this spring. Likely its being delayed so that the developers can get more time working on the game and making it as good as possible. Oh, we’re sure, to avoid competing with a certain Nintendo game thats coming out in May…

We are pretty excited for Starfield! The game looks epic and amazing. Its going to be a day one gamepass download for sure.

Before September 6th, we have a Starfield Direct to look forward to on June 11th. There will also be an Xbox Showcase on the same day too.

Are you looking forward to Starfield?


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