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Sea of Thieves PSA: Don’t Be That Guy Without a Microphone, plus more!

Yesterday afternoon, Xbox Canada unlocked Sea of Thieves for reviewers, and I quickly jumped in for a few hours to see all the exciting content that wasn’t public during the alpha and beta phase of the game. Right from the get-go, Rare did not disappoint, with much more content ready and waiting for me the second I walked out of the tavern and down to my ship. Whether it was looking for chests, taking on undead pirates for loot via a washed up Message in a Bottle, or wrangling a few animals, my first few hours in Sea of Thieves have been pretty fun. that being said, I’ve created a list of public service announcements for Sea of Thieves that everyone should take into consideration. Let’s begin…


PSA #1 – Don’t Play Alone

Don’t be that guy roaming the high seas by yourself. I was that guy, and it didn’t end well for me, and likely will only frustrate you. After a few hours sailing around and collecting a few chests, I began heading for the nearest outpost to drop my loot and collect my rewards. On board I had three fantastic chests, probably all worth very little, but they were mine, and I worked for them.

I swivel around, looking out to sea, and low and behold, a galleon is baring down on my fast. I can run and maneuver, but only for so long. Three guys get on board, steal all my chests, and then, to rub it in a bit, they sink my ship. Sea of Thieves is fun. That wasn’t fun. Don’t be that guy.

PSA #2 – Use a Microphone

After learning my lesson from PSA #1, I decided to group up with a few random people online – fellow reviewers I imagine – and for the most part, the experience was phenomenal. Until myself and one other mate realized the other two crew members were sans microphones, and they did all their communicating via the in game chat hot keys.

That doesn’t work folks, and it is a sure fire way to land yourself in the brig for the remainder of your voyage. Those two crew members ultimately quit. I don’t feel bad about it.

PSA #3 – Drink, Drink a Lot

When all seems lost, find a tavern and drink. The aftermath of a night of drinking is hilarious. Make sure you try that at least once, and may be have a sword fight or two with some friends! It’s worth a good laugh.


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