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Ryan’s Rescue Squad (Stadia) Impressions

If you’ve ever booted up an Outright Games title you’ll know it will be a mixed bag. It could be great, could be trash, could be just OK. Ryan’s Rescue Squad – from popular toy YouTuber Ryan – is one that Outright does pretty well, and while it’s nothing special for older kids and adults, there is a fun, Mario-esque platformer here for young kids. Let’s take a look.


There are 4 worlds to explore here, with a total of 20 levels to work your way through. For the price, it’s a bit light on content, but again, younger players will take substantially more time to complete this game than, say, myself! The worlds are pretty bland in terms of interesting environmental elements, but the game pops with a lot of colour and is likely something young kids will attract to quickly.

Yet there are still common elements from other platforming games that even older players can have fun with, especially if they are playing multiplayer with a younger individual. There are items to collect in game that can be traded in for new character outfits. Hunting down these collectables wasn’t necessarily hard, but wasn’t easy either.

On Stadia, the game performs really well, but as this game lacks a strong technical element, that shouldn’t be a surprise, or unexpected. If you want to introduce your kids to platforming games, and Mario is still a bit hard, this might be a good gateway game for them!


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