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What do you get when you mix Castlevania with a dating sim? You might get Romancelvania! Here is our review of Ramancelvania for the Xbox Series.

Romancelvania seems pretty normal at first. You play as Dracula and you want to hang out with your old pals at a poker game. Okay, so maybe normal isn’t exactly the word to use but it doesn’t seem too weird so far. And then, you get to the poker game and…it turns out your old friends want you take part in a Dating Reality TV show featuring Drac and some eligible monsters.

Romancelvania is basically Castlevania meets The Bachelor with tons of oddball humor. The story is at times odd, strange, goofy, silly, and just plain weird. We’re not sure what to think of the story really. Its certainly unique.

As for the gameplay, Romancelvania plays a lot like classic Symphony of the Night era Castlevania. You explore Dracula’s castle, fight enemies, find new rooms, level up and try to date monsters. Well, everything but that last part. We wish it was a little clearer what dialogue option you were choosing when interacting with the monsters. Its pretty much a guessing game if you’ll flirt or act mean to them. The actual fighting part of the game works well enough, though its pretty standard and sort of boring.

Romancelvania is basically a spoof of Castlevania. You’ll either love it or just think its trying too hard.


Romancelvania’s graphics are a mixed bag. The castle looks nice, the main character and his dates are well designed but the typical enemies you fight are very generic looking. The voice acting, meanwhile, ranges from really good to pretty goofy. It fits the game well enough.

How much you like Romancelvania overall when depend on if you like spoofs or not. It’ll depend on how much of a die hard Castlevania fan you are. We suspect that some Castlevania fans will love this game while others will just stop playing as soon as they get to the dating game.

Romancelvania is definitely a unique take on the Metroidvania concept at any rate. This is absolutely a game you’ll have to try for yourself. Its not a bad game for sure. Its trying to do something different and it succeeds a little bit. We think its a good game but there will be others who think its a horrible game or a great game. Opinions will be all over the place and Dracula wouldn’t want it any other way.

Romancelvania gets a 7.0 out of 10.

A digital code was provided for this review. Romancelvania is now available for the Xbox Series S!


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