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Lode Runner Legacy Demo Impressions

I have heard of Lode Runner but I don’t believe I’ve ever played it before. When I heard a demo for Lode Runner Legacy had popped up on the Japanese eshop, well, I had to check it out (the demo is now available everywhere). What is Lode Runner Legacy exactly? Is the demo any good?


Lode Runner Legacy is brand new game for the Nintendo Switch. Its currently available in North America, Europe, and Japan. I checked out the demo recently to see what it was about.

At its core, Lode Runner Legacy is a puzzle game. You control a guy who can destroy blocks in order to collect gold pickups. The blocks you destroy can only be destroyed in a certain order in which to get the pickups. Lode Runner Legacy is a very tricky puzzle game!

The demo lets you try out some Adventure mode levels and some Puzzle mode levels can be unlocked. The levels get harder and harder as you go. I had trouble with a few of these levels. I enjoyed my time with the game though.

Lode Runner Legacy has pretty good graphics too. The action takes place from a 2D angle but the main character and the objects in the game look three dimensional. The levels don’t have much variety in the way the look, but the game’s style works well for the type of game it is.

The Lorde Runner Legacy demo is a nice taste of the full game. You don’t get try out the classic mode or the Level creator though. I have to say that the Level Creator is what gets me the most excited for this game. I love games where you can create your own levels and share them with others. I think that people will make some pretty inventive levels with this game!

I also like that you can create people and objects too.

Lode Runner Legacy is currently available on the Nintendo Switch eshop. Will you download it?



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