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Kraken Academy

Do you like repeating time games? Do you like repeating time games? Do you like…wait, ahem, sorry. I was stuck in a time loop for a moment. You could be stuck in a time loop too if you check out Kraken Academy. First, you should check out our review and see what we think of Kraken Academy for the Nintendo Switch.


Kraken Academy is indie adventure game about a new student who goes off to a private school where he finds…a Kraken?! And the Kraken tells him that he must save the world by releasing spirits and defeating a great evil (but first, party!). The game doesn’t take this story too seriously and there is a lot of humor to the game. And so much weirdness. Yes I like the story a lot.

This isn’t a point and click game however. In Kraken Academy, you directly control the main character and go around talking to other characters and trading objects. The gameplay does seem a bit fetch quest-like at times, but the story and humor of the game keeps things interesting.

There is also a time travel mechanic that will remind players of Majora’s Mask. You have three days to save the world and in order to do that, you must constantly travel back in time and tackle the next problem. Kraken Academy is a bit more forgiving than Majora’s Mask and you don’t have to worry about enemies killing you. The game does have lots of characters with lots of problems to solve much like Majora’s Mask. Its story and its unique graphics set it apart from the aforementioned Zelda game though.


As for its graphics, Kraken Academy has a nice pixel graphical style. Its simple, charming and pretty detailed. There are some much more detailed close up pixel animation moments too and wonderful character illustrations during dialogue.

Kraken Academy, overall, is a great game.


If you loved Majora’s Mask, then you should check out Kraken Academy. If you were super frustrated with Majora’s Mask but liked its time travel concept, then you should check out Kraken Academy too. That said, Kraken Academy isn’t a Majora’s Mask clone. While it has the same three day time travel concept, the stories are wildly different and Kraken Academy is focused on adventure gameplay and not action. It’s a pretty great game overall and well worth checking out.

Kraken Academy gets an 8.0 out of 10.

Thanks to Happy Broccoli Games for providing a digital code for this review. Kraken Academy will be available today, March 22, 2022 on the Nintendo Switch eshop!


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