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Dark Deity Launches Today on Nintendo Switch

Seems that March is the month for turn based tactical strategy games, and I’m here for it. As I’ve said many times before, the only tactical strategy game I have enjoyed over the past few years has been Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle and that’s mostly just because it was Mario! But earlier this month I had the pleasure of checking out Triangle Strategy, and then last week the opportunity to play Dark Deity. And I might have just found my new, favourite genre!


First and foremost, these style of games just run really well on the Nintendo Switch. They fit the screen size, they are the perfect length for pick-up and play sessions, and they are just fun. I find them more like relaxing puzzles games, and I don’t want to play those on a giant TV while sitting in my gaming chair – I want to play them sprawling on the couch. And so I have.

Dark Deity is a much calmer version of Triangle Strategy – weaker story, weaker mechanics…you get the picture. Weaker actually seems harsh here. Let’s go with simpler. And simpler doesn’t mean worse. To me, it means more accessible.

See, while games like Triangle Strategies have TONS of moving parts and considerations, Dark Deity only has a few, and it uses them well. There is nothing here that will confuse you, nothing that will keep you wondering. It’s all pretty plain, laid out in a fantastic way, and really just accessible. Whether you are a longtime fan of the genre, or just getting into it, Dark Deity is the perfect gateway game into the world of tactical strategy games. With a decent campaign and a host of great characters, it’s sure to put a smile on your face, and push you forward to try other games in the genre.


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