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Caught in the Butterfly Effect: A Look At Last Day in June for Nintendo Switch

A very tragic event is about to take place: a man will lose his loved one…over and over and over again. He will try to save her…but can it be done? Even I’m not sure yet, because I just got this game yesterday. The game in question is the Last Day in June for Nintendo Switch. Last Day in June has a very unique premise, but is it a good game so far?


Last Day In June tells its story through its visuals and gameplay. There is no text in this game. There is no voice acting. The characters in this game don’t talk; they make noises. There is music in this game. However, the game doesn’t hold your hand and tell you what you’re supposed to be doing.

In this game, you play multiple characters in your journey to save the woman that the “main character” loves. Last Day in June does put up obstacles letting you know that you are not supposed to go a certain way. Thats as close as the game gets to helping you though. Otherwise, you must figure out what you are supposed to do.

And it should also be noted that Last Day in June has wonderful graphics. The visuals in this game will remind you of a Pixar movie like UP. It is a little strange that none of the characters have eyes but other than that, the game looks great.

So far, I think that Last Day in June is a good game. I hesitate to recommend the game yet because I want to finish the game and see how it all ends. Last Day in June is a game that is focused on its story more than anything. This is an adventure/interactive movie of sorts. If the game doesn’t have a satisiflying ending, then it may not be worth playing.

As it stands, I am enjoying Last Day of June for the most part. There is one issue that does take away somewhat from my enjoyment of it. Last Day in June has lots of load times and some of the load times are pretty long. I usually don’t complain about load times, but with a game like Last Day in June, where you have to repeat some things over and over, load times can get pretty annoying. Other than the load times, Last Day in June seems like a well put together game.

I can’t wait to see how Last Day in June ends. I hope that the journey is worth it.

Last Day in June is currently available on the Nintendo Switch eshop.


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