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Akedo Ultimate Toy Review

While my kids might not have the same appreciation, I can remember fondly the days I spent playing games in arcades, most often when on vacation. There were a ton of games I loved to play, and while I wasn’t particularly good at any of them – and terrible at these recent collections that have launched in the past few years on console – I still enjoyed them. The look, the feel. It was glorious. The latest lineup of toys from Moose Toys, Akedo Ultimate, is trying to replicate that feeling right in your home, but not with video games…instead with toys! Let’s take a look.


Since we got the box of Akedo Ultimate toys a few weeks ago, my kids have been in love, taking them out each and every day to play, and getting excited to being looking at local retailers for more booster packs with new toys to collect and play with. Here is a bit from Moose Toys,

Derived from the Japanese word for arcade, Akedo has a retro gaming look and combines all the extreme moves of arcade fighting with real battling action and puts it in the players’ hands.

And in the players hands could not be more accurate. Players will place their little fighting characters on a platform, and then will use there thumb or finger to pull a lever which will cause their fighter to swing back and forth. Each fighter has a different weapons set, and different strengths and weaknesses. Some fighters are great at defense, with lots of health, while others are great at attacking, but without a lot of health. So how does this balance out?


A lot of these toys that are also games have lackluster rules and obviously are short on gameplay testing. I don’t think that is the case here. There is a lot of strategy in what characters you pick, and which you send out to fight. Each player picks three warriors to send into the arena – I personally always chose a good balance of defense and attack. But once you’ve picked your cohort of fighters, you still need to deploy them well.


The first person to knock out all of the opponents by depleting their health wins. How do you take away health? Pretty simple, really. Just pull that lever like crazy – think rock-em sock-em robots! – until you literally break the opponents character apart! Then take away one health.

Here is more on what you can collect,

Challenge each other to one-on-one action using any of the 39 collectable unique warriors, all of which pack a punch with individual battle styles and an array of aspirational, powerful and accessories. The Akedo product line is for ages 6+ and will be available in August 2021 at all major retailers, wherever toys are sold.

My kid have been enjoying the toys a lot since they arrived, and are looking to purchase more in the near future. You can find them at your local major retailers, and wherever toys are sold! Go get them, warrior!


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