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Where to Play Two Point Hospital Console Version

I’ve been playing Two Point Hospital over the last two days on three different platforms: the Nintendo Switch (docked), the Nintendo Switch Lite, and the Xbox One. The ultimate decision I was trying to make was which platform I preferred playing this game on. While each have their advantages, I think I’ve broken down how consumers can go about picking the best version for themselves. Lets dive in!


The following is based on the assumption that you own both a Nintendo Switch, and an Xbox One/PS4 system.

Nintendo Switch Docked

Two Point Hospital on Nintendo Switch had to take a few hits to accommodate the lack of internal power when compared to the Xbox One and PS4 versions of the game. To that end, the game does chug in-and-around (although generally below) that 30 frames-per-second threshold. If you generally play you switch docked (over 85% of the time), purchasing Two Point Hospital on Xbox One or PS4 actually makes a whole lot more sense. With slightly better graphics, and a more stable frame rate, playing on home consoles other than the Nintendo Switch is a much better experience, and should be prioritized. The only way I would suggest buying on your Switch is if you plan to play a good portion of the game in handheld.

Nintendo Switch Lite (Nintendo Switch in Handheld)

From a few reviews I read prior to picking up my day 1 copy of the game, there was an initial concern that the screen on the Nintendo Switch Lite / Nintendo Switch was too small to handle all the user interface that was necessary to play the game. After a few hours, I believe that couldn’t be further from the truth. Regardless of which console you play on, the development team has done a great job creating a very manageable UI, and while it isn’t as good as the PC version, it’s still easily the best replication of the tycoon genre on console I’ve ever played.

Two Point Hospital 2

It’s no secret that I prefer to play my games on Nintendo Switch, regardless of graphical downgrades and hits in frame rate. The flexibility of the system allows me to use it wherever I go, or when I want to do other things. Sports, for example, don’t require my undivided attention, but I do enjoy watching my Toronto Maple Leafs – enter the Switch version of Two Point Hospital. I can now watch the hockey games, while advancing my hospital empire. If I’m playing on Xbox One, I cannot watch sports at the same time.

Xbox One / PS4

Ultimately, the best Two Point Hospital experience exists on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Graphically, these versions are superior, and the frame rate is better and more stable as well. The controller mapping is exactly the same as the Nintendo Switch version, and even if the UI is OK on the small Switch screen, it’s obviously even more manageable on a large TV screen.

While I prefer to get up an close with my Tycoon games – a big reason why they do so well on PC, and why I prefer the Switch in handheld – others enjoy having the large screen and the ability to lounge while they play. All the more power to them.

As an added bonus, Two Point Hospital is ‘free’ for those with Games Pass on Xbox One!


There you have it – just one man’s opinion on what version of Two Point Hospital you should play. Regardless of where you decide toe spend your time, the money you’ll spend to gain the experience is definitely well worth it. Now we all can sit back and wait for Two Point Theme Park….




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