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The Best Deals In Gaming

2021 is looking a little bare at the minute, which isn’t a bad thing. There are so many games to play and so little time – and that’s why you can save lots of money by picking the right deals for you.


Being a bit clever with the way your spend your hard-earned cash can maximise your game total, save you cash and mean you’re never overstretched.

Of course, how you spend your money will depend on your tastes in games, and in how much time you can put into your video games.

Best Deals in Gaming

If you like multiplayer or other non-traditional video games, now is the best time to be online. So many titles can be had for free, and there’s a whole host of alternatives if you want something a little less action-based.


For instance, there are Betfair promo codes which will get you money off if you fancy some online gambling.

Traditional multiplayer games are all largely free-to-play, and are available to owners of all consoles at no extra cost. Rocket League, Apex and Fortnite are all popular titles in you enjoy facing off against the competition.

Owners of the PlayStation 5 should also be aware that, so far, multiplayer online games have been offered twice with PlayStation Plus since the new generation console launched last year.

There are also other multiplayer games that you have to pay extra for. The likes of Call of Duty has a free mode in its Battle Royale Warzone mode. You may be able to save money on the paid version through the PlayStation Plus Collection (which is free with the service on PS5), or during regular deals on all console or PC store fronts.

Subscription vs Buying

Some people may find the likes of Gamepass and PlayStation Now to be good value. Both services give you access to a catalogue of hundreds of games for one low monthly price.


Gamepass is the better value of the two, offering higher quality games with more frequent updates and day one additions of Microsoft’s own first-party content. It also includes cloud gaming and, in certain tiers, access to online gaming on Xbox and games on PC as well.

But PS Now is cheaper and has more games, albeit mostly of lesser quality.

Subscription services aren’t for everyone, although depending on how you play you will find you save a lot of money. Others would prefer to buy their games outright.

It’s still true today that physical copies of games are cheaper than digital, but by how much and in what manner depends on your location. It might be that digital prices roughly follow their physical counterparts, although to avoid accusations of being anti-competitive, most non-PC storefronts keep at least a $10 premium for digital copies.

As a result, if you regularly buy digital copies and want the most bang for your buck, PC probably ends up cheapest over an entire generation.

For consoles, try CD Keys or just get lucky with the regular deals. You’re not always going to save money, but it happens often enough.


If you play a lot of games, consider Gamepass or PlayStation Now. If you don’t have much game time, keep an eye on the sales. You can save hundreds of pounds each year just by waiting a little while after launch.

If you want bulk and savings, you can only really choose a subscription service or PC (or both).

Gaming a cheap hobby. There are plenty of opportunities to get good titles at low prices. You just need patience, and maybe the time to break through your backlog.


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