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Shoulders of Giants

Shoulders of Giants is a 3D action adventure game. That’s a rare thing among indie games. Not only that, but it also has online multiplayer! So how is Shoulders of Giants? Is it a fun game? Here is our review of Shoulders of Giants for the Xbox Series S!


Shoulders of Giants is a 3D action adventure rougelite staring a frog riding around in a robot. The mission is to save the universe from evil forces that want to destroy it. Your job is to bring color back to every world you visit. There are a lot of worlds!

The worlds in Shoulders of Giants are random and if you die in one world, that world is lost and new worlds are randomly generated. The gameplay is fully 3D and the worlds are pretty open; there is also a smaller neat hub world. There are enemies to take on with your robot’s laser swords and abilities, plus you can switch to the frogs laser gun. The controls are very easy to learn, though taking on the worlds by yourself can be tough!

So if you have Xbox Gold or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, you should totally jump into online co-op multiplayer with Shoulders of Giants. Yes, that’s right. The game has online co-op multiplayer. And its rocks! Taking on worlds is so much more fun with friends or random players. We didn’t have a head set, so we don’t know if there is voice chat too. Hopefully there is! In any case, it was fun playing online.


Was it a perfect experience? No, we did see some slow down while playing online that we didn’t experience while playing the game off-line. Still Shoulders of Giants is a lot more fun online than off-line.

Visually, Shoulders of Giants is a treat. The worlds often time start off very grey and bleak looking but as you defeat enemies and destroy structures, color returns to worlds. Sometimes there is already a little color. In either case, Shoulders of Giants is a beautiful looking game! There seems to be a lot of variety in the randomly generated worlds too. Though there could be more variety in the game’s enemies. Shoulders of Giants is a great game.

Overall, Shoulders of Giants is a unique 3D action adventure game. The randomly generated worlds give this game near endless replay value. Shoulders of Giants is a good off-line game and an even better online game. We highly recommend this game if you are looking for a new game to play online. Shoulders of Giants is really fun.

Shoulders of Giants gets a 8.5 out of 10

A digital code was provided for this review. Shoulders of Giants is available now on the Xbox Series S.


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