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Sea of Stars Demo Thoughts

We’ve known about Sea of Stars for a little bit now. It always looked like a nice looking retro inspired rpg. During last night Direct, it got a spotlight and a demo! I’ve played the demo now and have some thoughts on it. How is Sea of Stars?


Sea of Stars is an indie rpg inspired by classic like Chrono Trigger. The previews I’ve seen for it last night and before looked really good. That said, I wasn’t prepared at all for the demo.

So how is the Sea of Stars demo?

Its amazing. The Sea of Stars demo is amazing!

First of all, the graphics are beautiful. Sea of Stars might be inspired by classics, but its graphics are far more details than its inspiration. Its very clear, even in this demo, that the developer took a lot of time to make sure every character and every environment was full of life. Everything you see in the demo is so well drawn, detailed, and just fantastic.

The demo isn’t just a pretty face though. Sea of Stars has your characters climbing over objects, walking tighropes, swimming, fishing, and fighting enemies via a Chrono Trigger inspired combat system.


Wait a second, did I just say fishing?! Yes, this demo has fishing. I couldn’t believe it. I had seen that it was in the actual game but wasn’t expecting it in the demo. Its pretty neat and I need to go fishing some more soon.

And the combat! I love the combat. Just like Chrono Trigger, Sea of Stars goes from characters walking around to battle without a load time. Its the same screen, just a menu pops up for battle. The combat is super quick and fun. The characters even have some neat special abilities in the demo.

Sea of Stars is very impressive so far. The demo does warn that some things may be subject to change in the full game. I can’t imagine how you’d make this game even better but I wouldn’t be surprised if this team pulls it off. Its very obvious that the developer loves rpgs and is creating a wonderful love letter to the genre here. I can’t wait to play the full game!!

The Sea of Stars demo is available now on the Nintendo Switch eshop. Go download it!


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