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Preview: Nintendo Switch Build Quality

Although the Wii was a relatively well built console, nothing Nintendo has built to date rivals the quality of the Nintendo Switch. The Switch has the unique purpose of being both a home console and a portable device, which required special engineering to ensure that nothing was left out, and that build wise, it was solid.


Although my time with the Switch has been limited, I’m fairly impressed with all the components. Joy Cons feel light, but durable, and when playing with the system in handheld mode, it is noticeably wide and bulky, but comfortable and surprisingly light weight. Few components feel cheap, and unlike the Xbox One and PS4 – both of which would be considered lead balls when compared to the Switch – Nintendo’s product is more universal, almost as powerful, yet equal in unit build quality.

Switching between TV play and handheld play is as seamless as you have come to expect from preview events and Nintendo Switch presentations. I was worried that trying to line up the Switch with the bottom of the base would take a bit of precision, but it does seem to work fairly well.

Like I mentioned, I’ve only had a few hours with the Switch to date, and these impressions are early and could ultimately change. There is one item on the Switch that seriously worries me though, and that is the kickstand on the back, used to prop up the system in table top mode. It feels incredibly thin and insanely cheap; the first time I flipped it out, I honestly thought I might have broke it.

The stand could prove to be more durable than I thought, and perhaps the Joy Con design will annoy me after a while. For those final thought, keep it with GamesReviews for our full, scored reviewed on March 1st!


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