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Luigi’s Balloon World Added to Super Mario Odyssey

During the last Nintendo Direct, a free update to Super Mario Odyssey was mentioned. Last night, Nintendo released the update! Luigi’s Balloon World was added to the game. There were some other things added too. For more details on this addition to the game, please read on below.


Nintendo of America (and Canada!) announced last night that Luigi’s Balloon World has been added to Super Mario Odyssey. This new mini-game has players collecting balloons for a high score. You can only play this mini-game if you’ve finised the main story of Mario Odyssey though.

Some of other things were added to the game too. Three new costumes can be found in the post-game shop: Musician hat and costume, Knight armor and helmet, and Sunshine shades and outfit! Nintendo also added two new snapshot filters: coin and neon.

Have you tried the new update yet? What do you think of it?


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