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LEGO Roses a Great Gift?

In what might be the most unassuming LEGO box ever, LEGO has released a brand new set just in time or Valentines Day – this time around instead of a full bouquet of flowers, or a succulents, or even an orchid, LEGO is instead providing fans with two small LEGO roses in a tiny little box.

Nothing Says I Love You Like LEGO Roses!

For the most part, building the LEGO roses is still a good bit of fun, although it’s quite obvious from the package that you are either suppose to be happy with just two roses (unlikely), are required to purchase multiple boxes of roses so you can have a good collection (likely, but still unlikely), or that you are suppose to add them to the LEGO Bouquet set (much more likely). Putting the set together, as I said, was great. The final product is really neat, and uses a slightly better building technique than some of the flowers in the LEGO Bouquet set. I like the use of car hoods for the pedals, giving them a nice clean look and some curve and body.

LEGO is always doing great things, as obvious by the LEGO Rivendell set that was just recently announced. That being said, I still love when these little sets hit the market. They are very affordable and are great fun. Plus, why not give a rose to a loved on this valentines day – at least these ones won’t die!


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