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I’m Sick of Silent Hill

It’s been nine years next month since the last Silent Hill game was released, but people can’t stop talking about this damn franchise. Insiders everywhere know the next game is coming very, very soon. They promise. Honestly.


It’s definitely going to be announced at the next big event. Trust me, it definitely is. Unless it isn’t, then it will be announced at some other time.

Also, it’s going to be exclusive to PS5. Maybe not, things might have changed. But maybe. Trust me.

At this point, the only leak that was more persistent was the Series S. Honestly – just announce the game already and put us all out of our misery.

Surviving the Wait for Survival Horror

Leakers have their place. They were key in the console cold war between Sony and Microsoft last year. Without leakers, we wouldn’t have had a clue about the consoles we were buying until we’d already bought them.


But the discussion around Silent Hill is getting ridiculous. I would rather go toe to toe with Pyramid Head than hear one more rumour about Konami letting out the IP to someone or other. We get it. At some point in the future there’s going to be a new Silent Hill game.

And I can’t wait for every insider in the world to say “I told you so!”. If it’s tomorrow or in ten years, the same people will claim credit.

It’s not that I don’t want a new Silent Hill game – it’s an IP with a lot of legs. It’s just become to go-to secret. Only Grand Theft Auto 6 has more leaks.

Just Announce It Already

Still, I’m a big believer in there being no smoke without fire. Enough people are talking about Silent Hill that I’ve got to believe something is happening with it.


Which is good, because the Hideo Kojima drama cut short what looked to be a promising entry in the franchise. As it happens, we got Death Stranding, and I’d trade any Silent Hill for that. But I know I’m probably in a minority.

I can’t believe that any new Silent Hill game would benefit from not involving Hideo Kojima, and I can’t believe he’d return to the franchise. That’d be some incredible self-control, to be dragged through the mud by Konami and then return to their franchise at first opportunity.

Any number of developers could do an incredible job in the world of Silent Hill, and I think there’s a genuine demand for it. The recent Resident Evil games have proven modern versions of old survival horror games can find a new audience, and PT is still keeping weird people out of money on Ebay.


But I just don’t want to hear about it anymore. Every time I hit the internet, there’s a new leak saying it’s on its way. They rarely go into more detail than that.

I reckon it’ll probably get announced this year, and it’ll probably be pretty underwhelming after all this ridiculous hype. But, hey, if it does get announced, remember, you heard it here first.


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