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I’m Going Back to Bed: A Look At A Unique Wii U Indie Game

I’m tired. I don’t feel like writing this article. I think I’ll go Back to Bed. Wait. What’s this? There’s a game for the Wii U called Back to Bed? Alright. I guess I can tell you about this game. I did just get the review code for this game yesterday, so I’ll only be able to tell you a little about it. My full review will hopefully be up next week! For now, let’s take a short look at Back to Bed.


Bob sleep walks everywhere and, as his dream time guardian, you have to make sure Bob doesn’t walk off a ledge or get attacked by an alarm clock. Wait….get attacked from an alarm clock? What in the world am I talking about?

Back to Bed, an indie game for the Wii U, just came out yesterday. I was lucky enough to get a review code of the game. I say lucky enough because, while I’m just a little bit into the game, I can already tell that Back to Bed is a very good game.

The challenges of guiding Bob back to bed are simple at first and quickly get harder. As a puzzle game, Back to Bed is, so far, inventive and strange. Bob only walks clockwise, so you’ll have put an apple or two in his path to get him to walk the way you want him to go. There are other things that come along, such as an alarm clock that’ll “kill” Bob (or is it waking him up?) and a fish that you can use as a bridge. As I said, this is a strange game, but its so charming too. There is so much to like about Back to Bed.

Of course, I don’t want to tell you everything about Back to Bed yet. I have to leave something for my review and also I need to play more of the game before giving you my final thoughts on it. But right now, I am enjoying Back to Bed a lot.

Now, please excuse me, I need to get Back to Bed.

Back to Bed is currently available on the Wii U eshop! Zzzzz.


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