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How Casino Games Have Evolved

Anyone who played casino games many years ago will remember the simplicity of them. Generally they had three reels, a handful of symbols which were usually based around cards or fruits, and nothing in the way of features or add-on bonus games.


However, those days are firmly in the past, with a real drive that has pushed slot games into the 21st century, offering far more excitement than anyone ever imagined. The games have also gone mobile, meaning you no longer have to be at home to play. The list of mobile casino games at shows the level of service that players can expect to see when they log onto a casino site.

So, what do the new look slot games bring to the table that has seen so many people get excited about them?

Bonus Games

If you take a look at some of the highest rated mobile games, you will notice that they are easy and fun to play, with many of them having bonus games inside or little extras you can enjoy.

The casino industry has taken this on board, and in the bigger and more complex slot games on the market, you will find bonus games inside. These could be thanks to features you unlock, but whatever they are, these will take you away from the slot reels and into something else, adding great depth and creating something on a slot game that we see elsewhere.

New Features

Features play a big role on slot games now, these come in many different forms. You may find free spins, wilds which transform symbols or bonuses, all of which can be used within the game to your advantage.


These features give you something else to aim for, rather than just the big win, and they can also give you a stepping stone onto bigger wins. For example, some games will have bigger wins available when you are playing on the free spin game, so your target is to land a big regular win, or to get into the free spin game.

These certainly make the game more exciting, giving players a lot of different things to look out for. They also allow games to differ from each other, offering different types of gaming and different features, with players generally settling on a favorite type as they play.

Enhanced Graphics & Mobile Play

These two have been put together, simply because many people thought you wouldn’t be able to have both. Look back at the old, tired slot games on the market, and seeing them available on mobile is no surprise at all.

However, the brand new games, with all of those features and bonus games we have mentioned above, as well as better graphics than we have ever seen before, are also available on mobile. Thanks to the battle between Apple and Samsung, phones continue to improve and that is not going to change any time soon.

Thanks to this, the platform is there for slot game developers to enhance their games, knowing the mobiles on offer are capable of handling anything that is thrown at them. Casino games have evolved greatly, and with the way that technology is going, more room for growth seems inevitable.


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