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Hello Again Metroid Prime

There had been rumors of Metroid Prime Remastered but I didn’t believe them. So I was shocked when the game was announced during last nights Direct and even more shocked when it was released on the same day. And guess what? I’m reviewing the game! Here are my first impressions of Metroid Prime Remastered for the Nintendo Switch.


Metroid Prime was one of the game’s that convinced me to buy a Gamecube. I remember seeing it at a K-Mart. They had a demo playing and I checked it out. I couldn’t believe that was Metroid. It was so different and yet also true to the franchise. I needed it. So yes, I got the game and loved it.

Flashforward to now. Metroid Prime Remastered is out now on the Nintendo Switch! And I’m…reviewing  it…

My mind is blown. Never in a million years would I have thought I’d be reviewing Metroid Prime Remastered on the Switch. That wasn’t in my plans for this week. Here I am though. So what do I think so far?

Metroid Prime Remastered is beautiful. The game looks like I remember it but also better. Is such a thing possible? I know we have certain images of older games and then we go back and play them and they don’t live up to what we remember. Even when a game is HD remastered, it doesn’t always look the way we remember it. Metroid Prime lives up to and surpasses my memory. What a gorgeous game.

Its not enough that its good looking though. You know? How does it play on the Switch?


It plays great! I’m playing Metroid Prime Remastered in handheld mode with the joycon controls and they work very well. The game feels like its made for the Switch. You can use the ZR button to fire or the A button. I’ve been using the ZR and that works perfect for me. Scanning is activated by pressing the D-pad one and then ZL to scan. Pretty easy. Everything else works well too. The transition between first and third person is as seamless as ever, especially when going from Samus to morphball! There is a load time when you first go into the game but after that, all load times are hidden like they use to be.

There are some extras before you enter the game, concept art and such, but not a lot. Metroid Prime Remastered looks good and plays well though. Its amazing to have this game on the Switch!

Hello Again Metroid Prime. Its so good to see you.

Stay tuned to for my full review of Metroid Prime Remastered!


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