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Heading to Octopia: Eastward DLC Impressions

The new DLC for Eastward, Octopia, came out last week. I’ve been playing it and now I have some thoughts on it.


Eastward is an action/adventure game that has a story, combat, and puzzles to solve. Its brand new DLC, however, is in the simulation genre. Let’s talk about Octopia!

In Eastward Octopia, the two main characters, John and Sam, move to a deserted town to start a new life. They have a house and a farm plot and thats it. As you continue playing, more people move into the town and you can access to different areas.

Eastward: Octopia feels like a spinoff of the main game and not just a piece of DLC. There’s no combat in this one and you even health bar that goes down when you do work (like Harvest Moon). Octopia is a lot of fun.


Though the fishing definitely takes a little bit getting use to. Instead of just casting the line in and pressing A, you have to cast the line in, press A then chase the fish around and until you catch it. It can be a bit difficult.

Still, Octopia is a blast so far. We can’t wait to see where the DLC goes and will write about this again when have more to talk about.

Are you playing Eastward: Octopia? What do you think of it?


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