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Harmonies Coming from Studio Libellud via Asmodee

“Harmonies is not just any game. Yes, you will draw tiles and compete with your opponents to create the best combinations… But the experience goes much further. Because Harmonies is a real ode to nature, to the balance between fauna and flora. It doesn’t play on rivalry between species and essence, predation, or the will to power but on the necessity of harmony among all elements of an ecosystem.”


Nature themed games have been a huge hit in recent months (years?) and yet another title is soon to hit store shelves, this time coming to us from Studio Libellud. As the above quote says, Harmonies is all about, well, harmony. Harmony in nature, between all elements of an ecosystem. It’s not the nitty gritty that keeps everything in balance, like the food chain, but the idilic view we have of nature as a whole. And I’m here for it, both in theme and mechanics.

This game looks insanely charming, and it also appears to come with great artwork and fantastic wooden pieces. If Harmony is what they are going for, I expect a competitive, yet calm experience that might be very relaxing for players. Here is a bit more from Maëva Da Silva, illustrator and art director:

“In Harmonies, there’s no distinction between ‘small’ and ‘big’ animals. All are important, all contribute to the beauty of the landscape. It’s very important that the game reflects what is a reality in nature. Humans intervene in this landscape, but only in the form of tokens that mean ‘shaped material’. Their imprint manifests as buildings, integrated into the natural environment. But there are no ‘human’ cards among the animals. This leaves players the possibility to invent their role. Some imagine designing a landscape around their house. Others see themselves from a demigod’s point of view, creating a small garden of Eden to welcome life. We didn’t want to intervene too much or guide participants in this reflection, so as not to limit their imagination. In this aspect, the game is a blank page.”

Here are a few key things to remember as we near the launch of Harmonies

• Innovative and strategic: its game mechanics stimulate both reflection and creativity.
• A work of art: its exceptional artistic direction signed by Maëva Da Silva.
• For everyone: Accessible to novices while captivating experienced players thanks to its
tactical depth.
• Harmonies is more than a game; it’s an invitation to build, explore, and dream.
• A game by Johan Benvenuto illustrated by Maëva Da Silva.
• 1-4 players; 30 minutes; from 10 years old
• Release on April 19th


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