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Dreams Launch Trailer

Dreams, the newest game from Media Molecule (LittleBigPlanet), will be out this Friday, February 14th. Check out the launch trailer below and please come back here after you watch it for some thoughts on the game.

With Dreams, you can create any sort of video game you can think of. The tools Media Molecule provides with this game are very impressive. Pretty complex too.

When I played the beta of Dreams, I couldn’t figure out how to make a game. The tools with Dreams are far more complex than LittleBigPlanets. That said, there are a lot of people who have figured out Dreams tools and have made some really neat games so far.

Dreams looks like it’ll be game where you create, create and play, or just play games that other people have made. I think its going to be a great game for the PS4.

Do you plan of picking up Dreams on Friday?


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