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More Details for Detective Pikachu

We know when we will be getting Detective Pikachu but we can all admit that the games has been cloaked in a cloud of mystery. Yesterday that changed, with yet another trailer detailing some of the things coming in this 3DS release.

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Detective Pikachu takes place in Ryme City, a urban centre where Pokemon and people live in harmony with one another. However, the Pokemon in the city are behaving in odd, unexplained ways, setting the basis for this title. On top of looking for your friend Tim’s father, you’ll have to crack the case on why things are happening, which ultimately shouldn’t.
The one hint this trailer gives us: Mewtoo is somehow part of this great mystery!
What has me really excited for Detective Pikachu is the promise of a slew of great side characters to interact with, including Pablo Millan, owner of Pikachu’s favourite café; Frank Holliday, an inspector at the Ryme City Police Department; and Meiko Okamoto, a camera operator for the local TV studio.
Will you be friends with these people, or interrogate them? You will decide, when Detective Pikachu launches this March!

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