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Destruction AllStars – A Guide to Smashing the Competition

Destruction AllStars is here, and it’s free with PlayStation Plus. That means there’s an awful lot of people already getting to grips with the controls, game modes and characters.


But that’s not a problem, because for the most part it’s not how long you’ve played, but how you play that can get you to the top of the leaderboard.

Follow these useful tips, and you’ll be getting first, second or third in every single match.

It’s not about big points, it’s about consistency

The number one problem I’m seeing from opponents who score on the lower half of the board is that they’re not being consistent.


They’re spending too much time out of their cars. Maybe they’re struggling to get smash points because they’re waiting for that perfect set-up.

That’s not how this game works. For better or for worse, you need to be wracking up the points pretty much constantly. That should inform your playstyle, because if it doesn’t, you’re going to lose.

For instance, are you chasing down cars? I haven’t done scientific tests on this, but car speeds are fairly consistent. Meaning spending a minute trying to chase down one guy is a bad idea.

Instead, look at your map. Go to where the most people are and get what you can. A decent random smash into a crowd of cars can net up to double digits – a fact that’ll push you to the top.

Know the Destruction AllStars characters

As of writing, there are some balance issues with the characters. Some just aren’t worth playing as, or their powers aren’t sufficiently explained in-game.


The result is people jumping from one guy to the next, hoping something suddenly makes sense.

At the minute, Blue Fang is the easiest character to play as. If you’re brand new and feeling nervous, pick him.

But whoever you pick, find your character and stick with them until you’re comfortable to swap around. Learn them a bit at a time, perhaps while looking at the hidden character trophies. If you’re in a bind, let them guide you to your next selection.

Play the Tutorials

Destruction AllStars has a pretty awful standard tutorial that it forces you to play when you first long in. It’s slow, it treats you like you don’t know how to steer a car and it’s easily distracted. One second it’s telling you how to jump, the next it’s interrupted that much needed lesson to teach you how to dodge a moving car.


Other tutorials are hidden away in the menus, and I’d strongly suggest giving them a go. And then check out the challenges. The tutorials and the Ultimo Barricado challenges will net you some easy experience, as well as a handful of very attainable trophies.

These hidden tutorials and challenges go way more into the mechanics of the game than the force lesson at the beginning, and are a good place to learn.

Stick With It

There are a lot of great drivers already in Destruction AllStars, but there’s nothing stopping you from joining them. As of publication, we’re two days into this mayhem, and that means there’s plenty of time to play catch-up.

The overall learning curve isn’t too harsh. It doesn’t have Overwatch levels of depth. The best advice is to stick with it, learn the basics, and see how much you’re enjoying it. With a little bit of effort, you’ll be top of the leaderboard in no time.


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