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Citizens Unite!: Earth X Space

Citizens Unite!: Earth X Space is two games in one: Citizens of Earth and Citizens of Space. Both of them are role playing games with a quirky sense of humor, cartoon like graphics, and turn-based battle systems. Are these good games? Let’s find out in our review of Citizens Unite!: Earth X Space for the Nintendo Switch.


Citizens of Earth is set on, well, Earth and the main character is the Vice President of Earth. Citizens of Space is set in space and focuses on Earth’s Ambassador. Together the two titles create Citizens Unite!: Earth X Space.

These are two separate games and yet they do tie into each other in a way that we won’t spoil. You will absolutely get the most fun out of both these games by switching between them every so often. Switching titles is as easy as pressing the minus button. There is a lot to do in both games!

Whether you’re playing Citizens of Earth or Citizens of Space, you’ll be exploring, finding stuff, recruiting people to fight for you, and taking part in turn-based battles. The two games are similar to each other in many ways but there are some interesting differences too.


Citizens of Earth features a battle system thats almost first person, though you can see the character by their name. It also features Earthbound like descriptions for the characters actions. Also it should be noted that you can see enemies as you walk around, just like Nintendo’s classic, and can sometimes avoid them.

Speaking of Earthbound, Citizens of Earth will remind of that game somewhat. Earth is set in modern times and features the technology of this time much like Earthbound featured telephones, ATMs, and cars. Citizens of Earth features computers, e-mails, and cars. Its pretty neat!


Meanwhile Citizens of Space has a far more unique setting in space. I love how the game has a map where you can navigate space and go to different places. You can recruit aliens to help you too!

Also the battle system is more like the ones you typically see in modern turn-based rpgs. And it has timed button presses like a Paper Mario game. Unlike Citizens of Earth though, the battles in Space are random (though you can adjust the encounter rate. Handy). I actually prefer Space’s battle system to Earths but both battle systems are good.

The two games share a similar graphical style. They are both cartoon-like and with pretty detailed places to explore. They each have some voice acting too and its pretty good. Very humorous! I really like the music and sound effects for both games too.

Overall, both Citizens of Earth and Citizens of Space are fun games. If you love rpgs, you should not hesitate checking Citizens Unite!: Earth X Space out. Neither game takes itself too seriously but both are great rpgs and its wonderful to have them in one place!

Citizens Unite!: Earth X Space gets an 9.5 out of 10!

Thank you to KEMCO for providing a digital code for this review. Citizens Unite!: Earth X Space is now available on the Nintendo Switch eshop!


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