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Castle Builder 2 Coming This February

There are hundreds, perhaps thousands of slot machines out there. Some of them live in flashy casino resorts in Las Vegas, Macau, Atlantic City or even Monaco. Others – and they are the more numerous – live online, either in social casino apps or in real money venues like the Red Flush Canada. For most – especially those not playing them – slot machines are a dime a dozen: spinning reels, possible wins, whatever. Still, there are some that stand out of the crowd, some slot machines that are much more memorable than others.


Castle Builder, a slot machine you can try at the Red Flush Canada, is one of these. It’s a game that’s been played by millions over the last couple of years, one of the most successful games at the Red Flush and beyond. Thus, the game will get a sequel this year, set to be revealed at this year’s ICE Totally Gaming in London.

Castle Builder – not your average slot machine

Anyone can play free casino games at, and they can choose any game the Red Flush has to offer, yet Castle Builder has always been among the most-played ones. The reason for this is that it has something most other slots lack: a purpose. As its name suggests, the goal of the player is to build a most beautiful castle, as ordered by the King, for his daughter to move into it.

The game has four special symbols representing building materials needed to complete the castle. As they land on win lines in combinations of two or more, said materials are delivered to the building site and used to continue building. Considering that we are building not a house but a castle, the list of materials needed is long, meaning that it takes quite some time for the necessary quantities to be gathered. Players need to keep going, though, as the reward is worth playing for.


Once all the materials are delivered, and the castle is finished, the king’s daughter moves in ready to receive her suitors. There are three of them, three royal worshippers, each one uglier than the other – but they all have gold in their pockets. The player needs to choose one of the three, and collect the bonus gold received for the building and matchmaking services delivered. When the wedding is done, and the gold is all pocketed, the time comes to move on to the next building project.

Castle Builder 2

Castle Builder 2, the sequel to this amazing slot machine, will be revealed this February at the ICE Totally Gaming, the largest international iGaming event of the year. Once released, the game built by Rabcat Gambling will become available throughout Microgaming’s network of online casinos.