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Simon Forman was not a doctor. He read the stars and told people what he saw in them. He was, however, a real person. He is also the star of Astrologaster for the Nintendo Switch. Welcome to our review of this unique experience.


Astrologaster is not a traditional game. In fact the closest thing to compare it to is a visual novel. Basically there is a lot of reading/listening and some choices to make in Astrologaster. If you like British humor and you’re looking for a funny “based on a true story” type of game, then you may have come to the right place.

The main character of Astrologaster is named Simon Forman. Simon is not a doctor. He wants to be a doctor. His methods are not traditional though. He helps his patients by reading the stars. Yes he uses Astrology to help his patients.

Actually its more like you as the player are presented with two to three choices of star alignments with a description of what they mean and you decide which one you think is best.

The results of these choices can sometimes be good but often times are pretty funny. You can cause a lot of mayhem to your patients lives if you pick a choice that looks bad. You can also help them!

The choices you make in Astrologaster will result in various endings, good or bad, for each patient. The game is worth replaying to see what different endings there are for each character.

And there is voice acting in the game. The voice acting is really good. All of the actors did a great job! There’s singing too. At first it was pretty funny but after awhile, I found myself scanning through the singing. You can scan through the singing and dialogue which helps with replays especially.


The best thing about Astrologaster has to be its graphics. The game looks like a pop-up book! There isn’t a great variety of environments but whats there looks like something you’d find in a pop-up book. So do the characters! You even turn the page to see what happens next in Astrologaster. Very nice.

Astrologaster is such a strange game. Its humor is very British which means its at times dry and often times it hints at naughty things. This isn’t a game for kids. In fact, I keep calling Astrologaster a game but it really isn’t.

That said, I enjoyed its story a lot and I liked going back to see what other types of things happened. If you like things like Monty Python and other British comedies, than Astrologaster will absolutely be worth a look!

Astrologaster gets an 8.0 out of 10.

Thanks to Player Two for providing a digital code for this review. Astrologaster will be available on February 18th, 2021 via the Nintendo Switch eshop!


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