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The Alliance Alive Demo Impressions

Atlus is on a roll this year with 3DS jpgs. First they released Radiant Historia this month. Next month they’ll release The Alliance Alive and after that they’ll bring Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey Redux to the 3DS also! And best of all, players got to check out Radiant Historia via a demo this month. We just got a demo of The Alliance Alive yesterday too. I played that demo, beat it, and now I want to tell you what I think of The Alliance Alive so far.


The Alliance Alive demo is not as long as the Radiant Historia demo (which I still haven’t beat. Its super long! Also awesome). So the demo feels short compared to that, but its not as short as some of the demos that Nintendo has given us in the past. Still, I wish the demo had been longer. I just didn’t want to leave The Alliance Alive’s world!

The Alliance Alive is created by the same team who made Legend of Legacy. Based on this demo though, Alliance Alive seems like its going to be alot better than Legend of Legacy!

First of all, Alliance Alive has a wonderful town to explore in the demo. You can go into a lot of the houses and find stuff. Best of all though? Alliance Alive has an open world map!

Legend of Legacy had a tactics style map that had you going from one point to another point. Meanwhile Alliance Alive has a Dragon Quest/Final Fantasy open world map that you can explore and find stuff in. There are no random battles in this game either. The enemies appear on the map and in dungeons. Yes, sometimes, on the world map and in dungeons they will just suddenly appear. You can avoid fighting battles though!

Speaking of fighting battles, Alliance Alive has a really good battle system. It reminds me of Legend of Legacy’s battle system a bit and thats not a bad thing. The battle system in Legend of Legacy was really the best thing about that game.

The Alliance Alive also has an excellent leveling up system and very good menus too. Oh and I like this games graphics a lot!

All of the characters in Alliance Alive are chibi like but good looking, especially close up. The close up environments are pretty detailed too. I’m not a huge fan of the zoomed out town mode, but its not bad looking. The overworld map graphics remind me a lot of Dragon Quest.

Overall, I really loved the Alliance Alive demo. If you are fan of jrpgs, then you should download the demo NOW. This is not the type of game that will make people a jrpg fan. You definitely have to be a fan of the genre already to enjoy The Alliance Alive. But if you are fan, you should be playing this game and Radiant Historia!

Have you played The Alliance Alive demo yet? What did you think of it?


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