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Your guide to CSGO Bitcoin betting

Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency in the world. In Fact it is a major part of blockchain technology and is rapidly increasing the popularity of digital money. Bitcoin can be used for any kind of transaction the same way we do with money. It is used for payment and people are becoming familiar with I because of its speedy transaction, anonymity and trustworthiness.


The same is applicable to betting sites. It is now on demand because people want CSGO betting sites that will allow their customers to try some CSGO bitcoin betting. CSGO gambling has become very popular, it is one of the most popular esports in the world and the use of bitcoin for gambling on its betting site is coming with mixed reactions. It has both its advantages and disadvantages. Presumably you don’t understand anything or have an idea about what a bitcoin is, talk less of CSGO gambling. Then this is the complete guide that will give you a step by step analysis and explanation in details about CSGO bitcoin betting.

WHAT IS BITCOIN? Bitcoin since its emergence in 2009 became the world’s first digital money known as cryptocurrency. The aim was to decentralize and move out of control, monetary transactions from government and banking institutions. Blockchain technology makes use of cryptographic encryption to record payment transactions which is very secure.

WHAT IS CS:GO? CSGO means Counter strike : Global offensive. It is a multiplayer first person shooter video game. A part of a running counter strike series created as an amateur mode for half life, but the game quickly evolved to become a successful stand alone game. It is one of the most popular games among players of all ages.

CSGO betting also takes a great share of the online gambling markets as it contributes a greater part of revenue generated from the online gaming industry, with CSGO jackpot sites storming the csgo betting industry. The fun and excitement gotten from the online multiplayer game is immense. It offers different teams, modes and tournaments. Players also get ratings that enable them access to different tournaments. If you are a lover of CS: GO but do not have the time to pass through the procedures of increasing your ratings. Your wish to participate in higher ranked tournaments just got alive with ask boosters service, their job is to quickly increase your ratings at a fair price to enable you participate in your favorite tournaments.



There are many reasons why people are making CSGO bitcoin betting their favorite. Have you asked yourself what those reasons could be? Here are reasons that would make you want to try CSGO betting with bitcoin.

  1. Anonymity: The best esports sites make sure their customers pass through a secure and strict authentication process for signing up. This is different for a bitcoin betting site, you just need an email address to sign up, meaning that they offer you greater privacy and you do not give out your personal details.
  2. Speed: The processing time of bitcoin transactions are far quicker compared to debit and credit card, e-wallets. This means that deposits and withdrawals on CSGO bitcoin betting sites are quicker and almost instant.
  3. Independence: You have complete control over the bitcoin wallet, meaning your money is not in the hands of any financial institution and there are no things as security breaches.


As the saying goes, anything that has advantages also has disadvantages and the same is applicable to CSGO bitcoin betting sites. The traditional online bookmakers are still not ready to fully accept cryptocurrency yet as a means of transaction and because of this there are disadvantages to expect from using a CSGO bitcoin betting site.

  1. Limited betting options: Since they are not many CSGO betting sites that allow bitcoin, then there are limited odds to place your bitcoin bets on. If you want to make the most of CSGO bets, real money betting would be a better option for now.
  2. Bitcoin is volatile: One of the biggest uncertainties concerning the cryptocurrency is its volatility. The price of bitcoin is not stable as it continues to rise and have pullbacks. Currently, bitcoin has been on the rise hitting its highest since its emergence, but for sure we never can tell when it will fall.
  3. The technology is still new: Since the advent of bitcoin, it has been around for less than a decade and since there is enough evidence that it might not be completely safe and secure to trust. This has made most people still favor the traditional payment methods that are controlled by governmental institutions to offer protection to individuals. People are generally still adapting to the whole cryptocurrency thing and it might take a while before it becomes the new normal.

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