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Worbital Launching January 31st on Steam

When I received the press package for the game ‘Worbital’, I did not really know what to expect and I can safely say that I was not particularly excited. How wrong was I?!

Worbital is a strategic action game set in space. This is the latest work of the small studio Team Jolly Roger in cooperation with Advanced Interactive Gaming. It is possible that you have heard about their previous game – Interplanetary, which received positive reviews on Steam platform.
The gameplay idea is simple, destroy all enemies in the solar system and defend your planet.


The graphics are beautiful and pleasing to the eye, it reminds me of some good old Worms. Animations are simple but perfectly integrated into the whole project.
The music is pleasing to the ear and does not distract you. Same with sounds, it is simply solid work.
There are 3 different fractions to choose from, each with a different commander, planets, types of weapons and defense structures that you will use during the game.

There is nothing to worry – you can play every fraction regardless of the original choice.
The game has several modes at the moment: Online Multiplayer, Local Split screen (this requires gamepads to be connected), online quick match, single player campaign (prologue and 4 missions in each fraction) and practice.
Despite cartoony look, the game is not the easiest one and the strategic aspect is important here. You have to place your structures wisely and keep close eye on your and other planets around. How will you try to defeat your enemies? Would you go full offence or focus on resources to get that sweet nuclear weapon?
By playing subsequent matches as a reward, you receive an internal currency – dark matter. Thanks to this, you can upgrade your battle kit and change the appearance of your commander, the whole planet or text emoticons that you communicate with other players during the game.


Prepare for a heavy dose of cosmic chaos as the release on PC is scheduled for January 31, 2019 and game will be priced for $19.99. Later this year game will be released on PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

Worbital – Launch Announcement Trailer

Worbital on Steam: