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With Updates, Tribes of Midgard is One of the Best

Recently, Tribes of Midgard got a free update called the Witch Saga expansion. While I’d love to wax poetic about how awesome this update is, the fact is I’ve never played this game before, so any improvements that were made to the experience are things I wouldn’t know. That being said, Tribes of Midgard might just be my next go-to experience for the next little while, and I am very OK with that.


Here’s the thing, when I watched original reviews for this game, I wasn’t that excited. The story content felt like it wouldn’t be something I would enjoy. You need to manage time well to gather what you need, defeat the world bosses, and escape before the snow set in making the world inhabited. Rumour has it these games last about two hours, and that it was nearly impossible to do alone.

Then I dig deeper into past updates as well as the Witch Saga update that just launched, and things sounded much better. The world scaled depending on the number of players. There was also updates to the survival mode that made it more relaxing, yet still fun to play. And cross play! Cross play seems to have been added with this latest expansion, which is great for streaming as many of my viewers – well up to 10 of course – can join me for some crazy, zany fun!

I have really been enjoying my time with Tribes of Midgard so far, and cannot wait to experience more. It has really strong crafting mechanics that makes each moment feel important. Rarely did I feel like I was grinding for too long with nothing to show for it. The game has been such a solid experience, and one that I won’t be putting down anytime soon. If you love survival games and, let’s say, the Torchlight series, than Tribes of Midgard, with all the updates it has received, is one of the best available on console!


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