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Want to be a World Traveler with Friends? A Cooperative Board Game Coming Soon

Party games are wildly popular in the board game space. In fact, even if you aren’t a huge board game fan, I’m sure you’ve heard of games like Apples to Apples or Cards Against Humanity. So many cooperative games utilize easy to understand mechanics with fun and (often) a take-that sort of mechanic. You are all competing for points, and the most points wins. Cooperative party games are a bit less common, but a new one is about to hit the scene soon titled World Traveler.


Here is a bit of information from the games publisher, Asmodee:

“Let your wanderlust guide you through four of the most-traveled cities in the world – London,
Paris, Tokyo, and New York. Plan out your itinerary to hit all your bucket list items including iconic
foods, exciting attractions, inspiring architecture, and more! With artwork craftily designed by
artists passionate about each city, maps are unique and immersive, lending to their destination’s
greatest delights.”

The game is broken down into two “travel days” (rounds) and players will be trying to guide their friends to specific destinations using a limited set of words. You will be working to guide other players to popular tourist stops and hope to acquire the various souvenirs along the way. Collect all the city souvenirs and you and your friends win the game.

Bree Woodward, Office Dog Creative Director had this to say about the upcoming game, launching in April of 2024:

“I’m super excited to bring Word Traveler to the world. Thomas Dagenais-Lesperance has a way
of designing games that get people loud, applauding, debating, and having a great time. This game hits a lot of the high points for me: it’s quick, beautiful, funny, feels great when you win and doesn’t feel terrible when you lose, it has lots of hilarious debating, puzzly deduction, and who doesn’t love having their own personal passport?”

We will have more on this game closer to launch, so stayed tuned!


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