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Top 3 Things We Want in a Pokémon Game on Switch

We all know that a Pokémon game is coming to the Nintendo Switch, hopefully in 2018, but the details of such a game are currently in the dark. Will it be an upgraded version of what has been working on handhelds for 20+ years, or will it be something in the vein of Pokémon Snap? Or, will Nintendo look to do something crazy and different, bringing the franchise in a new direction? My bet is on an experience that mimics the turn based games we’ve come to enjoy on Nintendo’s handheld systems, and after much conversation with my good friends Paul Hunter – you can find him on Twitter – and Jon Scarr – you can find him on Twitter – I’ve compiled a top 3 list of what fans might want to see in Pokémon on Nintendo Switch!


Number 1 – The Same Formula as Handheld Pokémon Titles

Nintendo likes to innovate and do different things with their titles, and this has been evident with the various changes in the 3DS Pokémon games in recent memory. Doing away with traditional Gym Battles in Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon are a great example of this. Small changes to be sure, but changes that never-the-less change the core gameplay in one way or another. For their first release on Nintendo Switch, however, I hope Nintendo plays it safe and launches a Pokémon title that pulls all the best features from previous games in the franchise, adds a new and compelling story, and launches on Switch, preferably this year.

This is the biggest hope for me, because I definitely could see the developers attempting a new twist on the franchise. While thinking about this yesterday, I wondered what a Pokémon title would be like if you removed the turn based elements and instead inserted real-time battles, where you actually control the Pokémon in the field? Or alternatively, what if you controlled the trainer during real-time battles, using the face buttons to direct your Pokémon. There are many ways the Pokémon franchise could innovate here in terms of game play mechanic, but as this will be the fist release of (hopefully) many on Switch, now might not be the correct time.

Number 2 – Pokken Tournament DX Graphics

Nintendo doesn’t need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to the look of the Pokémon you’ll encounter in their Nintendo Switch release. So much development work has gone into making the Pokémon look better than ever before, and there is no reason why Nintendo should abandon that work. The graphics in Pokken Tournament DX are extraordinary, and the Pokémon themselves move and react in lifelike ways. Bringing this look – not necessarily the gameplay – to the Nintendo Switch version of Pokémon would be a smart move by Nintendo.

Number 3 – A World as Beautiful and Engaging as Super Mario Odyssey

Nintendo proved they could create ‘open worlds’ that look fantastic when they released Super Mario Odyssey this past year. While some will say The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was Nintendo’s prized open world look for 2017, I’m not sure it is the right fit for a Pokémon title. Something that more resembles Super Mario Odyssey would fit the feel of the Pokémon franchise much better than something that looked like Breath of the Wild. Either way, we sincerely hope that the developers go full 3D with this release, and not just and upgraded port what’s been released on the New 3DS XL over the last Pokémon generation.


What do you think? What would you want in the first Pokémon RPG on Nintendo Switch?


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