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More Thoughts From Me #51: Switch Presentation Predictions

Later this week (Thursday!), Nintendo will hold a press conference/presentation that tells us more about the Nintendo Switch. What will we find out about the new system? Here are my predictions for the Nintendo Switch Presentation on Thursday!


The Nintendo Switch Presentation on Thursday is said to be about an hour. The current President of Nintendo will be one of the presentors, but he might not be the only one. We don’t know for sure what will be shown during the presentation, other than some games will be shown and then we’ll get a more in-depth look at them on Friday during a Nintendo Treehouse Live.

So what else will be shown on Thursday night? Here are my predictations:

No Price Shown Or Just Japanese Pricing: Since the presentation is taking place in Japan, we probably won’t see a price for the Switch or if we do, it will only be a Japanese pricing for the system. This will, of course, lead to speculation as to what the NA and EU prices will be. I think Nintendo will quickly tell us about the price is in a press release the next day.

More Features Shown For the Switch: Its likely that there will be a video during the presentation that shows off more of the Switchs features. Will it have a touch screen? Maybe. What about gyro control? Definite possiblity. We’ll find out something more about the system for sure.

There Will Be No Hard Drive: I hope I’m wrong, but since the system is so thin, I’m guessing that we’ll get SD card memory expansion much like the 3DS. Will this be shown during the presentation? Maybe, maybe not. But I think it’ll be clear that the system doesn’t have a hard drive. I really hope I’m wrong about this one, but I doubt it.

Virtual Console: I think we’ll get a glimspe of the Switch’s Virtual Console. Its been rumored that the system might get Gamecube games. If thats true, we’ll see it during this presentation. Mother 3 is also rumored for the Switch’s VC. I think this is less likely than the Cube games. Would be a wonderful surprise!

Launch Games: We’ll find out what the launch games for the system will be. My guess for launch games: Breath of Wild, New Mario, Splatoon Port, Skyrim, and some other third party games.

Glimpse of the Future: I think we’ll see some non-launch games too. Probably in a video showing off a bunch of Switch games. Not much will be said about them. A glimpse of a future Switch exclusive Animal Crossing would make me VERY happy.

Shigeru Miyamoto: I think Shigeru Miyamoto will be a speaker during the presentation too. He’ll likely show off the new Mario game.

Some Very Tired British/European Viewers: Nintendo UK announced that the Switch Presentation will be taking place…AT FOUR AM IN THE MORNING over there. What?! This time zone thing gives me a headache sometimes. For some North American viewers, such as myself, its on at 10pm. That’s not late for me, but its late for other people. But four in the morning?! I suspect we’ll see a low turn out for British/European viewers for this presentation. And those people who do turn out may be sleeping through some of it. sigh.

The Whiners: No matter how great the presentation is, be prepared for some whining online. There will be people who are not happy with what was shown and they’ll let us all know. This happens EVERY SINGLE TIME Nintendo shows off new stuff. People can never be completely happy. Hey, its the internet!

Earthbound 4: Ok, my totally wild, this won’t happen in a million years predication: near the end of the presentation or maybe at the very end, Nintendo will show a brand new Switch exclusive Earthbound game! It will look amazing. Don’t like this theory? Just exchange Earthbound 4 with whatever game you are dreaming of: F-Zero, Metroid, etc. But in any case, I do think we’ll see some big Nintendo game announcement during the Switch presentation. Nintendo loves surprises, so you can expect a few during this presentation!

And those are my guesses for the presentation. Of course, some or all of that could be wrong. The presentation may turn out very different than I think. But my overall guess is that the presentation will be much like the old Nintendo E3 press conferences.

I wonder what this means for Nintendo and E3 this year. Will they go back to press conferences? I suppose it depends on how well received the conference this Thursday is! Or not! Nintendo does their own thing. They are never predictable. So all of my predications could be totally wrong. I guess we’ll find out later this week!

What do you think Nintendo will show at the Nintendo Switch Presentation? Please share your predications in the comments!

On Friday, I’ll share my thoughts on the Presentation and the Treehouse Live! What did I think of them both? Does the Switch look awesome? What about its games? Is the hype real? You’ll find out what I think in a Special More Thoughts this Friday!

More Thoughts From Me is an opinion column. The thoughts expressed here are mine and mine alone. Please let the Mother 3 rumor be true at least..


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