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More Thoughts From Me #101: Hooked On Stardew Valley

I inherited a farm, started raising crops, got some animals, and now I’m married too. My life has totally changed. No wait. Thats not my real life, thats Stardew Valley for Nintendo Switch! What’s going on?!


I can’t stop playing Stardew Valley. I have been playing and reviewing other games, but I keep wanting to go back to Stardew Valley in between. Heck, I’m pretty sure I’m still thinking about this game while playing other games. Stardew Valley is totally addictive.

I like Harvest Moon but I’ve never been addicted to that series. I think Stardew Valley has so much more freedom. You can do whatever you want! Want to socalize? There are a lot of people to meet and become best friends with! Want to farm? You can do that! Want to raise animals? Yes, you can also do that! Want to fight monsters in a mine? Yes, Stardew Valley has an action rpg element where you go into a mine to fight enemies.

And you can do any of that whenever you like. The game does have a stamina bar. I wish it didn’t but the bar isn’t as bad as some Harvest Moon games I’ve seen. You just need to go prepared with stuff to eat if you plan on visiting the mine a lot. And you can go to sleep in your bed whenever you want.

Currently, I have a farm and I’m raising animals and doing some crop growing. I also just got married. It took a little time to get to 10 hearts with her (lots of gift giving). Then I asked her to marry me and she said yes. But wait…there’s two more hearts now! I wonder what’ll happen if I get those hearts filled. I already have one of them filled…

Stardew Valley has a menu where you can keep track of how good of a friend you are to people in town, what veggies and fruits you’ve collected, what items you have and more. Its a very easy menu to navigate. Overall, Stardew Valley is an easy game to control. The fighting in this game is pretty basic. That said, everything in this game adds together and makes it a very addictive and expansive game. I think you could play Stardew Valley forever if you wanted to!

I might just find myself playing this game forever. I keep finding stuff I want to do. I gotta get my wife’s final hearts (is it her final hearts?!), I want more animals (like a horse!), and I gotta get back to the mine and explore more. There’s other things to do too like collect stuff for the local museum, go fishing, all the stuff as the community center, and I could use some more best friends!

Stardew Valley is an excellent sim for the Nintendo Switch. One of the few sims on the system at the moment. I’ll be addicted to Stardew Valley at least until Animal Crossing Switch gets here!!!

Have you played Stardew Valley? What do you think of it?

Ok, I’m going to go play some Stardew Valley now. If you never hear from me again, you’ll know why!

Next week: Maybe. If I’m not too busy playing Stardew Valley I’ll write a column about another game I like a lot. The game stars cats and its called Cat Quest. Why is Cat Quest so great? I might tell you next week!

More Thoughts From Me is an opinion column. The thoughts expressed here are mine and mine alone. So what’s happening in Stardew Valley now?


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